"Breakthrough Renewable Energy Start-ups"

talk by Jim Hurd, Director, NanoScience Exchange and GreenScience Exchange
Thursday, November 13th in Old Town, Alexandria, VA
at the law offices of Buchanan, Ingersoll and Rooney
Rsvp at "emergingtechnology@bipc.com"

Next NanoScience Exchange meeting:
"Nanotech Start-ups in 2008 - An Inside Look into Sales, Mergers and IPO's"
March 19th, '08 in Menlo Park, CA

Next NanoScience Exchange meeting:
"What's Hot in Renewable Energy and Nanotech: Investors, Customers and Congress"
October 30, '07 in Menlo Park, CA

"The Realities of NanoMedicine Commercialization" - talks given by Jim Hurd at:

"Commercializing Nanotechnologies for Energy: Sector by Sector"
talks given by Jim Hurd at:

CIRCA '07 - An Update on the latest developments at Albany Nanotech

When It Comes to Nanotechnology, Where are U.S. Corporations When our Country Needs Them?

April 11, '07 meeting: "Alternative Financing for Nanotech: Offshore IPO's & Acquistion of Shells"

Presentations by Jim Hurd of "The Realities of Nanotech Commercialization: Sector by Sector" at the following:

March 15, '07 - NanoScience Exchange, Woodrow Wilson Center and Nano Network of New Mexico meeting, "Big Revenues - Small Tech: How Micro/Nano Scales Up Commercially"

12/5/06 Meeting:Nanotechnology and Catalysis

7/19/06 Meeting: Four CEO's Views from the Frontlines of Nanotech

Val Giddings, "Pothole Alert for Nanotech"

Albany NY Sets the Pace for Cleantech and Semiconductors

May 3rd "How Investors View Nanotech in 2006"

Link to Assocham BioNano Summit in New Dehli, India, March 26-29, where Jim Hurd presented.

Interview with Jim Hurd on "Realities of Nanotech Commercialization" with Dr. David Lemberg on World Talk Radio.

(After clicking this link, go 2 min 8 sec into the recording to hear this eighteen minute segment)

January 10 - "What Powers Early-Stage Nanotech Start-ups in 2006"

"Technologies Making a Difference in Developing Countries" on 9/22/05

Special Event - "Impact of Merck vs Integra on NanoBio in the U.S."
at Foley & Lardner in Washington, DC on June 28 from 12 - 2 pm. Click here for info and to rsvp. No cost to attend.

A report on the Senate Hearing on the future of ATP NIST, 5/26/05

USPTO holds Nanotechnology Customer Partnership Meeting, 5/4/05

"Nanotechnology Patents: Who's Staked The Valuable Turf?" April 27th meeting of the NanoScience Exchange

"Today's Funding Environment" March 9th meeting of the NanoScience Exchange

"U.S. Energy Sources: The Emerging Technologies" November 11th, 2004 meeting of the NanoScience Exchange in Washington, DC

"Energy Technologies To Reduce Dependence on Foreign Oil" the October 11th, 2004 meeting of the NanoScience Exchange

View speaker slide presentations.

"Self-Assembly" the July 20th meeting of the NanoScience Exchange

"Nanotechnology, US Manufacturing and Job Retention/Creation" follow-up to the meeting in Washington DC on April 1st.

"Nanotechnology and U.S. Defense: The Challenges Ahead" the April 7th meeting of the NanoScience Exchange

New sponsor, Foley & Lardner, renowned patent attorneys, join NanoScience Exchange. Visit their insightful "Nanotechnology IP Resource Center"

"An excellent overview:  "Nanotechnology Patenting in the US" by Dr Raj Bawa, Bawa Biotech Consulting (Note: this is a 4 meg pdf file.)"

Jim Hurd, Director of the NanoScience Exchange, spoke in NYC on Feb. 26 at the NBIC (Nano Bio Info Cogno) Conference on "Converging Technologies for the Developing World."

Article on nanotechnology which includes coverage of a talk given at Rand Corporation by Jim Hurd in recent issue of "Rand Review".

1/21/04 - "Nanowires and Carbon Nanotubes: The Promise and the Progress"

"Sensors and Homeland Security - Who's Getting Real Today" Wednesday, December 3rd, 2003 - Location: Deloitte, 1750 Tysons Blvd, Mc Lean VA Organized by Jim Hurd of the NanoScience Exchange and Vince Caprio - Sponsored by Deloitte and BurnsDoane

Master New York Nano Chefs Serve Up Latest Molecular Accomplishments - and Review U.S. Position in Global Technology Race

NanoScience Exchange affiliated meetings held in Washington, DC

Previous Silicon Valley meetings of The NanoScience Exchange

Nanotech Conferences of Note

Articles on the NanoScience Exchange™

Jim Hurd, Director of the NanoScience Exchange, spoke at the NanoBusiness Alliance Conference in NYC in May, '03. Click here for background.